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Tzu Chi’s Angels of Medical Care in Fresno

March 14, 2022


Who We Are

For many, retirement is a respite from many years of hard work. But, for two former nurses from the Saint Agnes Medical Center, Suzanne Chen and Pam Thayer-Comegys, it was an opportunity to give back.

“I went the first day, and I was just blown away by the setup,” Suzanne recalls of her first time volunteering at a Tzu Chi Medical event in Fresno, CA; “every chair was occupied, and everyone was busy, and I thought—wow—I was so impressed.” Deciding to volunteer more often with the team, she invited a friend and former nurse herself, Pam, to join her.

“The people were so kind and so well organized, and I really felt that it was something that I wanted to get involved in,” Pam shares. “I feel it’s my opportunity to give back,” she explains, “[even in retirement] I can still use my education, I can use my training.” It’s a sentiment Suzanne shares.

Helping community members get vaccinated against COVID-19, she believes, “makes me feel better that I’m doing something to fight this pandemic…We’re contributing in our own way.”

Watch the video to see this touching story and support the important work of Tzu Chi’s medical mission at or fundraise on your own and join the Compassion in Action: 2022 Tzu Chi Walkathon at


Director: Jonathan van Lamsweerde
DP: David Morrison
Editor: Dan Ferrara

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