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Assessing Flood Damage in Eastern Kentucky

September 1, 2022


Disaster Relief

Following massive and deadly floods in Eastern Kentucky in late July, Tzu Chi volunteers lept into action. They spent two days traveling in from Darien, IL, meeting with officials from the American Red Cross, local officials, and meeting with residents to observe the damage that had been caused.

While water had receded, seeing the impact mud and debris had on homes was devastating for Tzu Chi volunteer Kuo-Cheng Lin. He described exactly what had happened to one home: “the house is hanging over the edge of the river, [it] almost got pushed into the river. When you look inside, it’s filled with mud and it’s already vacant, because the family members already left.”

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Director: Yue Ma
Director of Photography: Yue Ma
Editor: Yue Ma
Producer: Ting Fan

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