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Building Character From Childhood Up

April 4, 2022


Who We Are

Amanda Lee’s two sons are enrolled at one of Tzu Chi’s Great Love Preschool & Kindergartens in California. Her husband is Taiwanese, and with many of his relatives living in Taiwan, she explained that a bilingual education for their children was a priority: “it was very important for us, while our children were young, to learn Mandarin Chinese.” However, the school’s innovative character education curricula has provided their family with much more than a second language.

“Another theme that we really, really loved was a really heavy emphasis on kindness, and happiness, and joy,” Amanda explains. “At home, we can see the difference in their behavior, as they’re interacting, they’re more empathetic toward things, including more empathetic toward animals.”

With kind teachers and staff at the school, too, preschool teacher Virginia Camacho explains that their method of teaching positive behavior comes from a place of love and passion for making a difference: “whatever I could do to kind of expose those children to different cool things that I know about, I would like to do it.”

Families like Amanda’s gain a lot from their children’s learning experience, too: “my children are happy, mom and dad are happy. [We] definitely recommend the Tzu Chi campuses for any parent.”

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Director: Dan Ferrara
Cinematographer: Sarah Winters
Editor: Héctor Muniente
Color: Ismael Gomez
Re-recording Mixer: Mike LaFerla
Music: DayDreaming - Ian Post

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