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Hope Heals: A Safe New Start for Lynette

January 10, 2022


Disaster Relief

Ever since her home burned down in the Camp Fire back in 2018, life has given Lynette Otto few breaks.

“I had nothing,” she told us. Tzu Chi Chico’s Disaster Case Manager Baba Kauna Mujamal attests to this, having learned that she’d been “living in a very condemned trailer on the street… unsafe neighborhood and trying to figure out every day her water, food, and she didn’t have electricity.”

But now, thanks to Tzu Chi USA’s long-term recovery programs, Lynette has a brand new RV to live in. She said, “Tzu Chi provided a better home and transportation for me… to maybe move forward in life… Just, thank you!”

Watch her story and support the #JourneyForward for disaster survivors just like Lynette at


Director & Editor: Cody Chan
Production Assistant: Cheung Yung
Director of Photography: Cody Chan
Music: “Flight of the Inner Bird” (Instrumental Version) by Sivan Talmor [Artlist]

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