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Kindred Spirits at the 2022 Tzu Chi Walkathon

May 16, 2022


Who We Are

To welcome fellow Buddhist practitioners to join this year’s Tzu Chi Walkathon, Tzu Chi volunteers reached out to Buddhist Masters currently studying at the University of West Los Angeles in California. Sent from the Hong’an Tiantai Temple in Hubei, China, some of the Masters were already familiar with Tzu Chi and its activities over the years.

“Our masters visited Taiwan Tzu Chi back in 2016,” explained Master Shi Zhengxing. Another Master, Shi Zheng Wu Sheng elaborated, “I saw Tzu Chi had established hospitals,” and that it was “something I yearned for.” She added that, “since we received an invitation [to the Walkathon], we agreed without any second thoughts.”

Participating in the walk, each of them shared positive feelings about their experience. “Since our monastery is also on a mountain, it’s very nostalgic to see this,” said Shi Zheng Wu Sheng. Shi Zhengxiaogong commented on her observations of Tzu Chi volunteers: “the dedication of the volunteers is very touching, so I feel a lot of warmth… so relaxed and happy. Along the way I was humming as I participated in the walk. This heart-to-heart communication doesn’t need too many words.”

See their positivity and joy in our latest video.


Director: Ting Fan
DP: Piao Yanxin
Editor: Ting Fan/Piao Yanxin

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