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Nurturing Future Leaders

April 13, 2022


Who We Are

At Tzu Chi, what makes our educational approach distinct is not just what we teach; it’s how we teach it.“We do education to make a difference in this world,” explains Tzu Chi Elementary Principal Charles Crane; “the culture here at Tzu Chi is about training young minds.”

Teacher Joseph Taon, who works primarily with first graders, agrees: “we try to engage the students through problem solving, and that challenges them to really manipulate and explore that skill to think at a higher level.”

He also remarks how seamless and synchronous the bilingual Chinese and English curricula work: “the Chinese teachers work hand-in-hand with the English teachers to focus on topics that they both work on.”

Seeing how multi-faceted an education at Tzu Chi is, Joseph tells us that he is proud to be a part of it all: “Tzu Chi is a really cool place to continue on that path and guide students to be in positions where they’re ready to lead or ready to contribute as they get older.”

Principal Crane agrees, and finds reward everywhere he looks: “the laughter that I hear, the smiles that I see… That’s Tzu Chi; that’s who we are.”

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Director: Dan Ferrara
DP: Sarah Winters
Editor: Héctor Muniente

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