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Preparing for Backup in Poland

May 24, 2022


Disaster Relief

As of May 22, nearly 6,553,000 people have fled from Ukraine since February 24, 2022, with as many as roughly 3.5 million seeking refuge in Poland alone. Given these massive numbers, Tzu Chi USA Chief Executive Officer Debra Boudreaux recognizes that, at a macro level, buffering the impact of this rapid migration is going to take a lot teamwork:

“The whole situation is so challenging. Not just one agency can do it. It has to be a collaboration and partnership together,” she emphasizes. This time, Debra and a few members from Tzu Chi USA’s Relief Team are back in Poland for a second time this spring to lay the plans for these collaborations, teaming up with organizations like UNICEF, the Polish Red Cross, and IsraAID.

Of the importance of this support, Debra explains that many of these NGOs need a hand with resources that are beginning to fade: “time flies by,” she highlights; “food is getting lesser and lesser, the support is getting limited.”

However, Debra is confident Tzu Chi can bolster their efforts in thoughtful and meaningful ways: “it’s a very challenging situation, so we are very grateful to understand what is their major needs, and what Tzu Chi can do, and what kind of challenges they currently face.”

Support our efforts to bring humanitarian relief to those displaced from Ukraine at


Director: Héctor Muniente
DP, Cinematographer Editor: Piao Yanxin
Music: hourglass by yehezkel-raz stay-humble by the-david-roy-collective

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