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Prescription Glasses Change Children’s Lives

March 28, 2022


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For many, poor vision begins in early childhood. While this can be fixed with a pair of glasses, See2Succeed optometrist Shannon Dehesa points out that the problem often goes unnoticed:
“The thing with young children and vision is, kids don\’t complain about their vision because they don’t know any better. They often times don’t know that they’re supposed to see differently because they never have seen differently.”

Even still, getting glasses presents another challenge for working families. Shannon has seen many parents struggle with this at Tzu Chi’s Fresno Vision Mobile Clinic:
“A lot of the families we serve here are low-income. Taking time off of work is difficult, taking them to an eye doctor, buying glasses, waiting a month for the glasses—it’s a difficult process.”

But, thanks to programs like See2Succeed (operated by Tzu Chi Medical), children can get full service vision care, including vision screenings, eye exams, frames of their choice, and prescription lenses on the spot and all for free.

“At the end of the day, when I go home, I’m happy with what I’ve done,” Shannon beams; “I really just find it really rewarding that I can make a difference for them.”

Tzu Chi Fresno Mobile Clinic Office Manager Olivia Chung agrees: “even though it’s just a pair of glasses, but it changes people’s life. And we have some kids that when they can see, that they hug their mom and cry… it’s very worth it.”

Watch how See2Succeed helps make a difference for children in our video and support this program with a donation through the Compassion in Action: 2022 Tzu Chi Walkathon at


Director/Editor: Dan Ferrara
Colorist: Ismael Gomez
Sound Mixing: Mike LaFerla

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