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Rice Offers a Lifeline to Haiti’s Hungry

February 2, 2022


Disaster Relief

For households who go to bed hungry, every grain of rice matters. That’s why we take our mission to relieve the pain of poverty and food insecurity to heart.

In December 2021, we distributed rice and other foods/essentials for households living in La Saline, a commune of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The aid, part of our long-term recovery efforts in the country, comes after months of social unrest and natural disaster, including a devastating earthquake in August.

Nowadays, ordinary people are feeling the squeeze of this hardship, as detailed by care recipient Simone Amicar: “life is so hard, so sometimes we have to pawn our own stuff, and parents make sacrifices, too, for the sake of our children.”

But, she says, donations like rice provide families with opportunity – and hope: “when you give them two to three bags of rice, they are very satisfied, and sometimes they will sell one of their bags and save the other for their children.”

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Director/cinematographer: Keziah Jean Editor, Hannah Whisenant

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