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They Walked Because They Care

April 22, 2022


Who We Are

After more than two years of a grueling pandemic, the Tzu Chi USA National Headquarters Campus has come roaring back to life. On April 16, it hosted the Compassion in Action: 2022 Tzu Chi Walkathon in San Dimas, CA, fundraising for two of Tzu Chi’s major missions, including education and medicine. For community supporters, the walk held great significance.

“This is the largest group of people that have been in San Dimas in two years,” said San Dimas Mayor Emmett Badar; “they get to see all of San Dimas, the good parts of San Dimas, and we get to see the beautiful campus here and we all should be very, very proud. My wife and I are very happy to be here.”

Even Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation CEO William Keh could not contain his excitement: “we hope that everyone enjoys this event and comes to our campus often… Everyone is extremely excited, so I say, ‘yay!’”

The Walkathon drew support from many members of the greater Los Angeles community, including Azar Segavia, who brought many of his relatives to walk the 5K. “I know about Tzu Chi thanks to my sister and my parents,” he explained; “the marvelous things that you guys do to help people around the world, no matter race, religion, or regardless of anything.”

Another participant, Duplexe Tchoffo, remarked that, “when driving in in the morning, I was really impressed by the way the campus was set up.” He added that seeing the medical mobile units as well as informative displays of Tzu Chi’s accomplishments were striking: “I saw both of those, those are pretty great.”

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Director: Ting Fan
Director of Photography: Piao Yanxin
Editor: Ting Fan/Piao Yanxin
Re-Record Mixer: Michael LaFerla
Music: Around Again by Ian Post; Back to 95 (instrumental version) by Michael Shynes; Run by Tristan Barton

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