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Tropical Storm Ida Relief Means Hope for Shocked New Yorkers

September 20, 2021


Disaster Relief

Queens elder Xinfu Wang lives on Peck Avenue in Queens, NY. During Tropical Storm Ida, his entire street flooded, with water rushing through basement apartments like his. “I have nothing left from my home,” Xinfu explained; “my bed is gone. All my clothes were soaked in the water. My bicycle was soaked in the water, too.”

But, returning to his home after the storm to clean up, he met volunteers from Tzu Chi NY. Learning about his situation, one volunteer called the Tzu Chi Northeast Regional Office immediately to request a cash card of $300 to give him. “I was touched so much,” Xinfu emotionally told us; “I’ve got nothing left. I only had a loaf of bread and a bottle of water that my neighbor gave me.”

He later came to a distribution that served many more households like his, where he received an additional $300 in emergency financial aid. See his story in full and more in the video and support relief after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ida at


Director: Hannah Whisenant
Cinematography: Garson Ormiston
Editor: Hannah Whisenant

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