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Tzu Chi Teams Up with IsraAID

May 31, 2022


Disaster Relief

“I was there in Kyiv,” Daniele Pedretti recalls. He’s currently the Head of Programmes of IsraAID Moldova. The capital city of Chișinău in Moldova is where the Tzu Chi Relief team met him. “I spent three days in the Italian embassy, you know, in the underground, hearing bombs, and small arm shooting and then we were evacuated here,” he goes on.Ever since, Daniele and fellow team members have been working around the clock to support those who have been displaced as a result of ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Having overseen additional support to women and children, he observed that “many kids, they draw these scenes with blood – and it’s something that we really need to address… maybe they don’t look like it, but they’re also traumatized. We’re trying to support them through the provision of mental support.”It is in alignment with this spirit of support that the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU, with IsraAID. It is a plan that jointly addresses long-term needs for those displaced for Ukraine and now in Moldova or Romania, including a special emphasis on women and children.Of the work that is now ongoing, Daniele says “it’s something that has an impact on the everyday life of people… when I see the kids that are happy and playing, I feel much relieved.”See it all in our latest video and support our efforts to help families from Ukraine at #TzuChiRelief #Ukraine


Director: Héctor Muniente
Director of Photography: Hannah Whisenant
Editor: Ting Fan/ Jaime Puerta
Music: Eclipse by David Morton, Sunrise by Unalaska

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