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Where Environmental and Family Values Grow

March 21, 2022


Who We Are

By building bridges between different cultures, immeasurable value is to be gained. At the same time, the journey can be filled with challenges. Through its bilingual Chinese and English curricula, Tzu Chi’s education mission facilitates this crucial process for multi-ethnic families just like Jennifer Thome’s.

“When I was 20, I moved to China,” Jennifer recalls. She’s a parent of students at Tzu Chi’s Education Campus in Walnut, CA. “The children have Chinese-speaking grandparents, and so I really want them to have that connection to their culture and also to their relatives in China.”

Jennifer and her kids are among many families that benefit from bilingual learning at Tzu Chi Schools. Yet, it’s Tzu Chi’s attention to character building—and developing Environmental Protection Center—that perhaps makes our education mission stand out most.

“I grew up in a small village surrounded by nature,” Jennifer says; “Tzu Chi provided a really good balance of having that education that enables them to learn how to speak Chinese, but also to do it in an environment that’s really focused on our core values—which are community and appreciation for nature.”

As a family, she and her kids are spending every other weekend at the Life Science Garden, helping with whatever tasks are needed to keep the Garden in motion. Watching the plants there grow, Jennifer sees her children growing along with it: “they’re learning that you can make your responsibilities fun, and so we love the family time together. You just feel more connected and part of a much bigger community.”

Discover how Tzu Chi’s LIfe Science Garden in Walnut, CA offers surprising yet rewarding lessons that extend far beyond its garden beds, and support the development of the Environmental Protection Center by joining the Compassion in Action: 2022 Tzu Chi Walkathon at

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Director: Dan Ferrara
DP: Anna Tse
Editor: Hector Muniente
Music: Twenty Year Old Dream by Vic Davi

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