About 360

In 2009, US Tzu Chi 360 was meant to provide a lens into the lives and work of our friends, our neighbors, and those who came from all walks of life to do good in their communities here in the Americas.

Produced by the Media Center of Tzu Chi Foundation USA, we first went on the air in 2009 on DaAi TV and would stay on for five years.  Our dreams were big, but our team was small, and we overcame many obstacles to broadcast every week and without fail.  Still, greener pastures waited on the horizon.

As we wrapped US Tzu Chi 360 at the end of 2014, the idea of a life-friendly platform was born.  We got hard at work to devise an all-new strategy, unique stories, and a brand-new look for our reincarnation.  We chewed over names, logos, colors, sounds- but never compromised what 360 was about: looking at the issues of our giant melting pot, from all angles.

Now, with Tzu Chi USA 360, we’ve made our documentaries shorter to squeeze in a new lens on what’s important, so you can focus on what’s important to you, too.  Click now to start streaming.

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Encouraging both thoughtful action and compassion in our viewers are the primary goals of the Media Production Center of Tzu Chi Foundation USA.  And it’s our founder, Master Cheng Yen, who once said that “a thousand candles may be lit from a single candle.”  Learn more about the Foundation here.