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2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions | 2:18

Setup Commences at the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions

August 14, 2023


Interfaith Collaboration

At the 2023 Parliament of World’s Religions, taking place this year at McCormick Place – Lakeside Center in Chicago, IL, Tzu Chi volunteers had their work cut out for them.

Tzu Chi USA’s Midwest Region Executive Director Chong Hsieh explained that, “Tzu Chi’s Chicago chapter is responsible for helping set up the booths and preparing everything that’s needed.” This includes the setup of a total of five spaces, including an environmental protection display, a Life of the Buddha booth, a children’s play area, room for volunteers, and a designated prayer room. According to Chong, it took the support of 100 volunteers.

But, for volunteers like Dennis Lee, it’s well worth it: “we’re all really excited to be able to meet a lot of different people and to explain what Tzu Chi’s been doing in regards to climate change, and how we also use that to help those who have suffered from disasters.”

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Director: Jaime Puerta
DP: Piao Yanxin
Editor: Ting Fan


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