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Dharma Talk | 4:59

Episode 3: Are You Lonely?

February 14, 2016


Still Thoughts

The need for love and companionship is innately human; yet no one can guarantee that the right relationship will present itself in life. What can we do?  Should we grin and bear it, or chase that dream of fulfillment? The wisdom we’ll gain in this episode suggests that the seed of what we seek actually lies in our relationship with our own self. It’s a hard pill to swallow – are you up for it? Join us.



Producer: Ting Fan
Director: April Chou
Camera: Alan Thompson, Daniel Ferrara, Michael Chiu, Nils Aucante, Wen Ren, William Ilgen
Editor: April Chou
Writer: April Chou, Ida Eva Zielinska
Re-recording Mixer: Yahel Dooley
Production Design: Sheau Ling Soo, Nancy C.H. Wei
Starring : Michael Chiu, Pearl Wu
Voiceover: Voice Jungle_ Brooke Wood
Production Assistant: Pearl Wu


Jing Si Aphorism , Dharma

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