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The Buddhist Tzu Chi Education Foundation’s Year in Review: 2022

January 4, 2023


Year in Review

For the Buddhist Tzu Chi Education Foundation, this was a year of widened horizons and new milestones. Not only did we equip more teachers with the knowledge and tools of our signature character education curricula, but it was translated into Ukrainian – and offered support in emotional expression and regulation for children impacted by war.

Olena Chaykovska, whose young son has recently received character education lessons from Tzu Chi volunteers, says the impact is clear: “I already see the result. He always thanks me. When he wants to take something, he asks first, not just grabs… As a mother, I’m very happy with this change because a well-mannered child is a blessing for a mother.”

See how our mission of education is fostering blessings for communities everywhere, one child at a time:


Editor: Piao Yanxin
Producer: Ting Fan

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