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The Kids' Speech | 8:12

Episode 1 : Poetry in Action

June 10, 2015



Tracy has been studying Chinese and participating in classic poetry recitation competitions at the Tzu Chi Academy in Los Angeles for several years. Join us and discover the depth of what she is learning, since the very characters that compose the Chinese language showcase 5,000 years of culture and wisdom. As Tracy’s younger sister follows in her footsteps, we can see the life skills and confidence that the learning process at the academy can build.


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Amy Wen
Editor: Amy Wen
Camera: Amy Wen, Ting Fan, Wen Ren, William Ilgen, Charlene Wang
Sound Editor: Yahel Dooley
Color Correction: Nancy C.H. Wei
Writer: Amy Wen, Dilber Shatursun
Translator: Julia Liu-Padilla
Special Thanks To: All the students, parents and teachers at Tzu Chi Academy in Los Angeles


Tzu Chi Academy , Chinese , Speech

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