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El Menahil Promise | 7:43

El Menahil Promise: Mohamad Alomar’s Story

December 16, 2020



Mohamad Alomar is one of ten siblings. Each of them has a child named Mustafa. “When we gather on special occasions,” he explains, “you’ll have twenty Mustafas answering back.”

But, after burying too many of his relatives, friends, and neighbors through the Syrian Civil War, he decided to flee from his homeland, bringing his children – including one Abu Hamu Mustafa – to Istanbul, Turkey.

Shortly after their arrival, another one of his children, Halil, had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his eye. Having to resettle their entire life and now cope with their son’s condition – both emotionally and financially, the family eventually scrapes enough funds to cover surgery and get chemotherapy for this bright and energetic child.

At the same time, Halil, along with his older brother, Mustafa and Halil, were already attending El Menahil International School. When staff learned of the Alomar family’s heartbreaking news, they offered Mohamad money that covered Halil’s medical expenses, no questions asked.

Grateful, and appreciative to have the school’s tremendous support, Mohamad told us “we thank you [Tzu Chi]. We also thank the school, the teachers, and the entire staff. They gave us emotional support.”

Learn all about Mohamad and the Alomar family story and how you can offer support to families just like his at


Director: Hannah Whisenant
Director of Photography: Jonathan Van Lamsweerde
Editor: Hannah Whisenant
Re-Record Mixer: Michael LaFerla
Graphic Designer: Sheauling Soo
Motion Graphic Designer: Chuan Ching Ho
Music: "Fern" by ann annie; "Bug Catching" by Emily A. Sprague

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