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Diving Deeper Into the Tzu Chi School of Buddhism

September 12, 2023


Arts & Culture

For many who are already part of Tzu Chi and follow its philosophy, or ‘School of Buddhism,’ compassion in action is not just a concept; it is a modus operandi. Associate Professor of Religion and Cultural Studies at the University of Central Florida Ann Gleig explains that:

“one of the big differences between Tzu Chi and American Buddhism, America really places a massive emphasis on meditation. Tzu Chi is much more focused on compassionate action, which I am a big fan of actually.”

She, like many other scholars, were present at the Symposium on the Venerable Cheng Yen’s Philosophy and Leadership, co-hosted at Harvard University by the Tzu Chi Charity Foundation and the Harvard FAS CAMLab from Sept 3-4, 2023. A variety of presenters examined different aspects of both Tzu Chi and the Master’s impact.

From an organizational standpoint, Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School Herman B. Leonard believes that studying how Tzu Chi works is immensely valuable for business students and those looking to become dynamic leaders:

“What’s special about Tzu Chi is, I think, two things; the first is, in very uncertain environments, it’s hard to figure out, what do we do? What we teach about that is something that Tzu Chi has embedded as an organization; go back to your core organizational values and beliefs.”

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*Also featuring Rey-Sheng Her (Tzu Chi University, Associate Professor of Religion and Humanities), Duong Truong (Luther College, Student), and Po-Wen Yen (Tzu Chi Charity Foundation, Chief Executive Officer).


Director: Hector Muniente
DP: Alex Kosorukov
Music: Early moment by Russo


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