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Celebrating Taiwanese American Heritage Week

June 19, 2023


Arts & Culture

When the pandemic hit, many public events, including the celebrations for the annual Taiwanese American Heritage Week went on pause. But, on May 20, 2023, at Barnes Park in Monterey Park, CA, the merriment finally resumed with a family-friendly festival.

There, Congresswoman Judy Chu, representing California’s 28th District, expressed her glee, saying “finally, it’s back again, and it’s so great to see people coming together and celebrating our culture.”

At the Festival, attendees could enjoy popular Taiwanese foods, shop for products, meet business vendors, and encounter special community services, like those offered by the Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation.

Festival Coordinator Ray Jan explained that “Tzu Chi is our new partner for this year. During the event, they’ll provide two mobile clinics for free medical consultations to the local community.” These services included dental check-ups, medical consults, and eye exams—all for free.

See how we connected with community members in our latest video.


Director: Jennifer Chien
DP: Yanxin Piao
Editor: Yanxin Piao
Music: Young Hearts by SLPSTRM


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