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The Uprooted Exhibition Unites Visitors in the Spirit of Universal Love

June 19, 2023


Arts & Culture

For decades, Tzu Chi has provided relief for refugee communities around the world.

To raise awareness of this work and issues related to displacement, Tzu Chi USA now hosts an exhibition called Uprooted: Compassion After Displacement at the @TzuChiCenter in New York City. It features moving photos, videos, and hand-drawn illustrations that demonstrate the breadth of this compassionate effort.

As the exhibition opens to the public in June 2023, visitors who’ve had a special preview of the exhibit shared their biggest takeaways, including Hafza Girdap, Executive Director of Advocates of Silenced Turkey.

Seeing the drawings from Syrian refugee children at Tzu Chi’s El Menahil International School on the second floor, Hafza said “​​I love seeing the reflection through their eyes because coming from a dark mood, going to the much more lighter mood shows us the true reason of greater effort.”

Officer William Kwok, of the NYPD’s Community Affairs Bureau’s Immigrant Outreach Unit, remarked that this exhibition reminded him that “to provide hope for others… That is one of our greatest strengths as human beings on this planet.”

See the wonder at the Uprooted exhibition for yourself in our latest video.

Special thanks to Michael J. Nyenhuis (President and CEO of UNICEF USA), Mansi Mehta (Director, Global Cause Partnerships at UNICEF USA), Faisal Hu (Director of Tzu Chi Turkey), and Md Latif (Sergeant at the Outreach Division of the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau).

Learn all about the #UprootedExhibition, including visiting hours and location, at


Director: Martina Casas
DP: Jaime Puerta
Editor: Martina Casas and Jaime Puerta
Color: Alexey Kosorukov
Music: O.K. - Free - Instrumental Version, Gabriel Meyer - Breath Celebration, Liron Meyuhas - Deep Blue


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