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“One Family” by Anastasiia Malashenko, Tatiana Voytovich, and the Ukrainian Children’s Choir

December 22, 2023


Arts & Culture

The message behind the Tzu Chi song “One Family” transcends so many differences; whether it be between cultures, languages, faith traditions, you name it.

That’s also why it is especially poignant hearing this song in Ukrainian, by a group of women and children who, after the onset of Russia’s war with Ukraine, fled from their native country and sought refuge in Warsaw, Poland.

When they arrived, they received support from Tzu Chi Relief volunteers, who helped provide them with necessities like grocery shopping cards, blankets, and personal care items to help them get by during their difficult experience.

Now, please welcome back these lovely performers as they sing about Tzu Chi’s message of love and unity.

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Performers: Anastasiia Malasheno(Director and Lead singer), Tatiana Voytovich(Violin and Vocal), Ukrainian Children's Choir(Vocals)


Music , Tzu Chi USA , Piano , holidays , classical music , taiwanese music , folk songs , asian classical music , flute

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