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Bringing the Symposium on Ven. Cheng Yen to Life

September 14, 2023


Arts & Culture

To bring the Symposium on the Venerable Cheng Yen’s Philosophy and Leadership to life, Tzu Chi volunteers from across the country joined forces. With devoted volunteers coming in from as locally as Massachusetts itself, as the two-day event took place from September 3rd to 4th at Harvard University, it also drew in helping hands from New York, California, and even Taiwan. Tzu Chi Boston Volunteer Vickie Chang explained that the needs were diverse:

“Starting from taking pictures, the sound, video. We’re actually preparing transportation; we booked the hotels; we had to prepare meals.”

While many helped provide the manpower to successfully host the event, others offered different skills. Tzu Chi Taiwan Volunteer Rosalie Chen explained that, “we have audiences that may only listen to only in English or Chinese, so we need to have translation for both.”

She elaborates that certain concepts, however, “can be extremely difficult to convey.” Still, Rosalie and her fellow translators are determined:

“The Symposium helps us as Tzu Chi volunteers to really think about the philosophy behind what we are doing.”

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*Also featuring Rey-Sheng Her (Tzu Chi University, Associate Professor of Religion and Humanities) and Huiying Chin (Tzu Chi Boston Volunteer).


Director: Hector Muniente
DP: Alex Kosorukov
Editor: Héctor Muniente


Tzu Chi , Volunteering , Charity , Buddhism , Buddhist , Volunteerism , world peace , symposium , philanthropy , scholar , harvard university , cambridge , massachusetts , conference

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