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“Due Due Don” by Weiling Kang & Yafei Lin

December 22, 2023


Arts & Culture

Enjoy the rich melody of “Due Due Don,” a traditional Taiwanese folk song. It is performed by flutist Weili Kang and pianist Yafei Lin, in a one-of-a-kind duet that brings two incredible Taiwanese artists together.

Weili is a musician and educator who’s played with the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra, LA Wind Ensemble, Orange County Symphony, among others. Yafei has performed worldwide and is now a staff accompanist at CSU Northridge.

Hear Weili’s uplifting message, and make a generous donation to support Tzu Chi USA’s charitable efforts today at


Director: Michael Mazur
DP: Piao Yanxin, Michael Mazur
Editor: Michael Mazur


asian classical music , flute , Music , Tzu Chi USA , Piano , holidays , classical music , taiwanese music , folk songs

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