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Tzu Chi’s Character Education Program: Reaching Out After Remote Learning

May 5, 2023



Outside of interruptions to their academics, the COVID-19 pandemic and remote learning have made an immeasurable impact on children’s social development. “Kids kind of forgot to behave, and they kind of forgot what it’s like to be students because they’re just used to doing whatever they wanted at home,” says Principal Gerard Granade of the Fred Ekstrand Elementary School in San Dimas, CA.

But, with the inclusion of Tzu Chi’s Character Education classes as part of school curricula, which focuses on reinforcing positive character traits, teachers and staff are getting help on that front. “We really love Tzu Chi because… although we may cover these things in class it’s great to have outside people from the real world come in and give them opportunities to build upon that,” explains teacher Kelly Sera.

See what she means in our latest video.


Director: Jennifer Chien
DP: Sarah Winters
Editor: Yanxin Piao
Music: Life Begins by Zac Nelson, Zero Gravity by Raz Burg


Teaching , pedagogy , Volunteering , San Dimas , character education , Elementary School , Elementary Education , supplementary education , Tzu Chi Education Foundation

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