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Finding Her Voice | 6:38

Episode 1: Speechless With Fear

December 23, 2015



Her mother wondered: Was it a language development delay? Peggy spoke ‐ but not to everyone, and certainly not at school. Join us as a girl suffering from Selective Mutism, her mother, teachers and fellow students begin to paint the portrait of a lovely girl, socially paralyzed by fear. At some point Peggy must decide – will she remain her version of “normal”, or adjust to fit in with the rest of the apples in the barrel.


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Amy Wen
Camera: Amy Wen, Michael Chiu, William Ilgen
Editor: Amy Wen
Writer: Amy Wen
Re-recording Mixer : Yahel Dooley
Special Thanks To: Tzu Chi Academy


student , TzuChiOneFamily , documentary , FindingHerVoice

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