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Finding Her Voice | 4:06

Episode 4: It’s Okay to Change

December 29, 2015



Watching Peggy’s transformation is hard to believe for some – even her mother couldn’t imagine the extent of her daughter’s ‘hidden’ potential. Peggy isn’t hiding anymore these days – she’s winning awards. For a child who grew up afraid to speak and let her voice be heard, she’s now giving presentations in front of many. She knows she couldn’t have done it without those who believed in her – they gave her the courage to change.  


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Amy Wen
Camera: Amy Wen, Michael Chiu, William Ilgen
Editor: Amy Wen
Writer: Amy Wen
Re-recording Mixer : Yahel Dooley
Special Thanks To: Tzu Chi Academy


Tzu Chi Academy , students , TzuChiOneFamily , school

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