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Graduation Day at Tijuana Tzu Chi Elementary

July 19, 2019



For the last 20 years, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation has provided quality primary education, scholarships, school supplies, and more through the Tijuana Tzu Chi Elementary School in Tijuana, Mexico. Teachers, students, and parents alike have an appreciation for the structure and discipline implemented through the school’s curriculum. Inspired by Tzu Chi’s missions of environmental protection, student Antonio Reyes wants to study electromechanical engineering and find greener solutions to the worlds’ problems on his educational journey. Get a glimpse of the promising road that lies ahead, and the hope the school staff have for the future.



Director: Jaime Puerta Milan
Director of Photography: Dejun Wong
Editor: Dejun Wong
Re-Record Mixer: Michael LaFerla
Post-production Editor: Eric Li
Producer: Ting Fan

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