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Nurturing Kindness in Boston

October 25, 2023



To raise a child, it takes a village. That’s why Tzu Chi USA volunteers in Boston, MA have been so dedicated in implementing the Happy Campus program at the Baldwin Early Learning Pilot Academy.

There, they host an afterschool program that utilizes Tzu Chi Education’s signature Character Education curricula, which teaches students ways to build and improve upon positive character traits. It also includes bilingual instruction in Chinese and English to allow children to expand their multicultural knowledge.

For parent John Lynch, this is a big deal: “my oldest daughter has been at Happy Campus for a year and a half. My son has just been going for a few months. It was important for us that they learn Mandarin, it’s been pretty beneficial for both of them.”

But, that’s not all.

Another parent, Matthew Kanke says he’s noticed a great difference in both his kids’ confidence, but also how they get along with one another: “Kennedy was always a little bit shy, but I’ve really seen her start to come out of her shell and like, engage more with other kids. Kingsley she’s been really looking after her sister since she went to school with her.”

To Tzu Chi volunteer Yvonne Lin, “you can really see the difference in Kingsley. That means we’re doing something right.”

See more in our latest video and make a generous donation that supports educational efforts just like Happy Campus at


Director: Hector Muniente
Alex: Alex Kosorukov
Editor: Hector Muniente
Sound mixing: Mike LaFerla


Boston , character education , Education , Tzu Chi USA , Volunteerism

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