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Tzu Chi Joins CSW68 | 3:35

Tzu Chi Mozambique Shares at CSW 68

March 12, 2024


Global Efforts

Through his own life experience and after seeing his whole community recover from Cyclone Idai in 2019, Dino Foi has brought a powerful message to CSW68 straight from the beating heart of Mozambique .

Together with his wife Denise Tsai, who joins Tzu Chi’s delegation to this year’s UN CSW, they are sharing the progress that Tzu Chi Mozambique has made in the country to help rebuild 3,000 homes and 23 schools, particularly to help educate girls.

“In Mozambique, for the girls, their parents would rather [see] them go cook for home or take care of their younger sisters and brothers instead of going to school,” explains Denise. But, Dino emphasizes that being the head of the home need not conflict with a girls’ education:

“We believe that the future, at least in Mozambique, passes by educating women… You educate a woman, you’ve got a better community.”

Watch the video and explore our full NGO CSW agenda and RSVP to attend in-person at


Director: Daniel Ferrara
DP: Borja Campillo
Editor: Daniel Ferrara
Music:: "The Violins" by Korolkov, "This Music Background" by ComaStudio, "Is Epical" by AnorMusic


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