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Tzu Chi Joins CSW68 | 2:57

Youth Address Women’s Empowerment at CSW68

March 19, 2024


Global Efforts

This year, the delegation from Tzu Chi attending the UN CSW conference is larger than ever—and is populated by a majority of young people under the age of 35.

One of these delegates is Hueyyi Lee, who hails from Malaysia and is enrolled in Tzu Chi’s International Youth Leadership Program. Here in New York City to participate in different panels, she explains that “women have this perseverance quality that we all carry with ourselves,” but, that at the same time, “women… are not empowered enough to know that they are actually able to lead and able to contribute.”

But, Hueyyi also believes that she has a bigger mission as a representative of Tzu Chi. “I realize that the nuns that live in Hualien in the [Jing Si] Abode, they kind of give up their opportunity to be outside to talk to the world. It’s actually our duty to take this further, and to be a little bit more aggressive or grab all the opportunities to share this beautiful work.”

See more in our latest video* and see all of our work during #CSW68 at

*Also featuring Rosleny Ubiñas (Youth Representative to the UN, US Baha’is National Spiritual Assembly) and Ali Mustafa (AFS Representative to the UN, Founder, Generation Next – Voice of Youth).


Director: Martina Casas
DP: Borja Campillo
Editor: Hector Muniente
Music: Uplifting Corporate Inspirational


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