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Breathing New Life Into a Hospital Wing for Sierra Leone’s Terminally Ill

May 6, 2019


Global Efforts

In 2015, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation traveled to Sierra Leone to offer aid through the Ebola crisis. Since then, it has committed itself to improving community health by renovating the most infamous wing of Freetown’s Connaught Hospital: the ward for terminally ill female patients. In its efforts to improve working conditions for staff, as well as comfort and dignity for patients, Tzu Chi arrives in Freetown to take part in the wing’s inauguration, connect with its community partners, and watch this once desolate wing come alive.


Director: Jonathan Van Lamsweerde
Director of Photography: Garson Ormiston
Editor: Garson Ormiston
Post-Production Editor: Micah Lewis
Producer: Ting Fan

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