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Amplify Health | 3:27

“Cielito Lindo”

April 7, 2021



In 2017, the Puebla Earthquake rattled central Mexico, pushing those already in poverty into worse conditions. To help, Tzu Chi USA organized disaster relief missions that sent members of the Tzu Chi International Medical Association (also known as TIMA) to bring emergency medical aid to those in underserved areas. Our medical teams have since returned many times to offer free and quality care to those still struggling beyond emergency needs.

In this video, see this spirited performance by Mexican musician Mariano Cersa. Though he is currently based in New York, the spirit of his artistry runs in parallel with Tzu Chi’s, always aiming to provide hope and cheer to those who are struggling. We thank him for sharing his talent with us through this song, which translates to “Pretty Little Heaven” in English, and for allowing us to reflect on what strength and love we have seen from the Mexican people.

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