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Celebrating 30 years of Medical Service | 3:04

Medical Outreach That Keeps Expanding

August 3, 2023



Ever since Tzu Chi’s medical outreaches launched 30 years ago in 1993, our medical mission has now expanded to serve more areas – and more patients – than ever. From Bakersfield, CA, to New York, NY, to Phoenix, Arizona, Tzu Chi volunteers are helping lead the way by hosting free medical outreaches, staffed entirely by medical and general volunteers.

In Arizona, Tzu Chi Phoenix volunteer Helen Tam explains how plans for a dental outreach came about in addition to their regular charity programs: “we have so many low-income people, they come to pick up the food boxes; we always ask them, ‘do they need this dental?,’ So, we… [encourage] them to come over here, we can give them a free dental cleanup.”

As we celebrate Tzu Chi Medical’s 30th Anniversary, see how our charity mission and medical mission go hand-in-hand to provide holistic care for communities in need. And, make a generous contribution to support medical programming like the outreaches you see in the video at


Editor: Dan Ferrara


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