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Joyful Interfaith Collaboration in Camden

December 22, 2023



Despite whatever differences we have in language or religion, Tzu Chi USA volunteers are committed to bringing help to whichever community is in need.

In the case of Tzu Chi USA’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, one such community is based in Camden, NJ. There, many immigrant families face linguistic barriers to assistance (among others) and are currently grappling with need in terms of food and medical care.

To help, Tzu Chi volunteers in New Jersey established programs to help households register for SNAP benefits (with the help of bilingual Spanish speaking volunteers) and receive free, quality dental care thanks to dental outreaches.

Partnering with the Saint Joseph Pro-Cathedral, the collaboration is a testament to our commitment to provide compassion and relief no matter what.

“I thank God for them, for the Tzu Chi community, because they have done great things… we realize that as human beings we need that service to be able to support each other.”
– Rev. Jaime Hostios, Pastor of Saint Joseph Pro-Cathedral

Watch the video and help us continue work like this by making a generous donation to our year-end fundraiser at


Director: Martina Casas
DP: Borja Campillo
Editor: Michael R Mazur
Color: Michael R Mazur
Sound mixing: Michael Laferla


New Jersey , Tzu Chi USA , immigrants , poverty , Food Insecurity , Hunger , Public Health , Volunteerism , oral health , san diego , SNAP

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