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Setting Sights on Academic Excellence at P.S. 241

November 26, 2022



For many children, experiencing vision problems can directly impact academic performance. For New York City public school student Galvin Mejia, it even extends to how he and his fellow classmates behave: “to not have glasses in class, it’s kind of a big deal because if you have no glasses in class, it’s that some kids can’t even pay attention, sometimes they just talk too much when they have no glasses. They don’t really concentrate.”

But, after a visit from the Tzu Chi Vision Mobile Unit, which travels to schools and communities to provide free, same-day prescription glasses, children like Galvin and his classmates have a shot at something more. Proudly wearing his new pair, “with my new glasses I’ll probably be able to do better in state tests next week. I hope I get a good grade.”

See how we are providing support for students, parents, and communities who otherwise face barriers to affordable vision care in this video. And, support our efforts to provide quality care everywhere at


Director of Photography: Hannah Whisenant
Editor: Hannah Whisenant
Producer: Ting Fan

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