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Celebrating 30 years of Medical Service | 4:59

Providing Free Glasses for Students

July 28, 2023



In 2008, Fresno, CA saw the kickoff of Tzu Chi USA’s medical mission, which began providing vital healthcare services across northern California.

Eventually, in 2015, Tzu Chi saw the launch of its See2Succeed program, by which vision mobile units provided free prescription eyeglasses on-site (from eye exams to lens cuttings and frame outfitting) to both children and adults in need. For parents like ​​Maria Sandoval, it’s been a saving grace:

“I think it’s important because glasses are very expensive, and it’s useful to people and parents out there who don’t have insurance.”

Beyond offering parents relief for their budget, educators like Elisa Pichardo, the Vice Principal of Roeding Elementary School, sees even greater potential:

“They get a pair of glasses, go back into the classroom and all of a sudden, it’s a brand new world for them. Learning is no longer a struggle… and they’re happy to come to school because they’re not struggling to see.”

As we honor the 30th anniversary of Tzu Chi USA’s medical mission, make a donation to support Tzu Chi Northwest’s 2023 Charity Concert, taking place on Nov. 11 & 12, 2023. Your contributions will help support medical initiatives just like this one across the American Northwest. Donate now at

Plus, attend the concert in-person. See details at the link above.


Director: Jaime Puerta
DP: Borja Campillo
Editor: Héctor Muniente


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