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Amplify Health | 4:05

“This is My Beautiful Land, Ecuador”

April 7, 2021



Ever since an earthquake rocked the coast of Ecuador in 2016, members of the Tzu Chi International Medical Association (also known as TIMA), along with Tzu Chi USA volunteers, have been traveling back and forth to provide free medical care to individuals and families in need. Offering a wide array of services, including those that address long-term care, our volunteers have a special place in their heart for Ecuador and its people.

Recognizing this spirit of compassion, brotherhood, and love are the talented Ecuadorian couple, Alex Bautista and Ximena Ibarra. Both now live in NY and have volunteered with Brigada de Esperanza NY throughout the pandemic (which has often partnered with Tzu Chi NY), and Alex has even taken up training to volunteer for Tzu Chi’s Mobile Vision services in New York City. The pair proves that finding kindred spirits is as easy a task as it is beautiful.

Enjoy this song, written by Alex Bautista, himself!

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