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Mobile Clinic Services That Can Change Lives

July 18, 2023



At the turn of the millennium, Tzu Chi USA’s mission of medicine took a new step in its patient-centered approach: it offered on-site care via mobile services to populations who otherwise had difficulty accessing quality healthcare services.

Today, with a fleet of eleven mobile units, Tzu Chi Medical is able to serve communities across California, Nevada, and New York with medical, dental, and vision care. With each mobile unit, volunteer medical professionals and general volunteers are able to travel to schools, densely populated – and underserved – areas, as well as remote areas.

Even New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who was present at the unveiling of our vision mobile unit in New York City, was taken aback that students, regardless of their household income, could receive a stylish pair of prescription glasses for free. He told volunteers, “I’m going to find out from the commissioner, so we can coordinate to get to schools.”

See the video and help us reach even more patients in need as we honor the Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation’s 30th Anniversary this year:


Editor: Héctor Muniente
Music: ANBR - Voyage


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