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Cure for Cancer

June 24, 2015



When it all comes together and you know it’s finally right, why not seal the deal with a wedding to demonstrate your commitment to each other for life? Join us and meet Roeuy and Joe, witness their plans, then realize that since the birth of their baby, everything hangs by a thread. Without the gift of bone marrow from a matching Asian donor, tragedy could be around the corner for this loving family of five.

Join the registry and help Roeuy and others like her:


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Wen Ren
Editor: Wen Ren, William Ilgen
Camera: Wen Ren, William Ilgen
Sound Editor: Yahel Dooley
Writer: Wen Ren
Production Assistant: Anthony Liu, Pearl Wu
Additional Video and Photo Courtesy of: Roeuy Garay and Joseph Barker


Marriage , family , Bone Marrow , Donor Registry

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