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Merging Charity With Medical Care

July 17, 2023



In 1993, Tzu Chi USA opened up its first health center in Alhambra, CA. Our medical mission started from the desire to help those with health issues who otherwise had difficulty accessing quality care.

Three decades later, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation now operates three permanent health centers in California, hosts regular medical and dental outreaches, and has a fleet of mobile units offering medical, dental, and vision care services to provide on-the-spot service in hard-to-reach places. Most of our services are provided completely free.

Yet, we haven’t done it alone. We’ve worked with countless volunteers, both medical and healthcare professionals and general volunteers (who help with translation, equipment setup, administration, and much more). We’ve also provided valuable opportunities for medical and dentistry students and their professors/supervisors to learn, to teach, and to grow.

As we look back on our thirty year journey to improve public health, watch this recap and support our medical mission with a charitable donation at


Editor: Héctor Muniente
Music: December by ANBR


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