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Glasses for Immigrants in Las Vegas

July 22, 2023



“Imagine [with] a pair of glasses ,” says Tsui Lin Valenzuela, “you can change a kid’s life.”

She’s the Director of Tzu Chi USA’s Las Vegas Service Center, and she’s helped bring Tzu Chi’s Vision Mobile services to those in need living in Nevada. “Even though Las Vegas has a lot of luxury hotels, casinos, things that are very rich… we still have a population who needs help,” Tsui Lin explains.

In our latest video, meet the López family, three members of which are set to receive new prescription glasses befitted in stylish frames free of charge from Tzu Chi Medical’s Vision Mobile program.

Then, help charitable programs like this continue with a generous contribution to our year-end fundraiser at


Director: Daniel Ferrara
DP: Sarah Winters
Editor: Daniel Ferrara
Music: ANBR - Voyage, Generation Lost - Arcade, idokay - Lifes Journey Begins, ANBR - Learn To Fly (all from


Volunteerism , Nevada , Las Vegas , Tzu Chi USA , immigrants , poverty , Vision Care , Glasses , Public Health

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