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From Crisis to Collaboration: Connecting at the National VOAD Conference

May 26, 2023


Global Efforts

As part of Tzu Chi USA’s second day at the 2023 National VOAD Conference, Tzu Chi volunteers co-hosted a special panel for conference goers.

Entitled “From Crisis to Collaboration: Catalyzing Impact Through the 4C’s in Diverse Settings,” it explored how NGOs can best combine their strengths after disaster. It included panelists from FEMA’s DHS Partnerships Center Marcus Coleman, Airlink CEO Steven Smith, as well as Tzu Chi USA CEO Debra Boudreaux, Tzu Chi USA Northwest Executive Director Minjhing Hsieh, Tzu Chi USA Midwest Executive Director Chong Hsieh, and Tzu Chi USA Midwest volunteer Chin-Chuan Wei.

For conference attendee Karen Alvord (from Hope Animal-Assisted Crisis Response), she said that “what I learned most from this session is how we can all work together to improve the lives of those affected by disasters.”

See how we exchanged these ideas in our latest video.


Tzu Chi , Disaster Relief , Non-governmental organizations , NGOs , Teamwork , collaboration

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