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Love Saves (film) | 1:01

“Love Saves” Trailer

September 6, 2016


Short Films

Each life story can be an inspiration. Prepare to be moved by our new “Love Saves” short film series, inspired by the remarkable people Tzu Chi volunteers meet during their many missions to help others. Take a sneak peek by watching this trailer, and take heart from knowing that together, with love as our motivation, we have the power to create that better world we all seek.



Director: Daniel Ferrara
Executive Producer: Ting Fan
Producer: April Chou
Screenwriter: Ida Eva Zielinska
Camera: Joshua Ryan Perez/ Kenny Wu
Gaffer: Stephen Ohocinski Jr
Key Grip: Arturo Alanis Garza
Set Designer: Amber Unkle
Production Sound Mixer: Jeff Gaumer/ Jarrett DePasquale
Production Assistant: Yi Huang/ Daniella Fuentes/ Olivier Aussedat/ Kira Chen/ Kaiming Xu/ Kelly Velasco/ Li Chia Liu
Music Composer: Gary Kuo
Re-recording Mixer: Michael LaFerla
Production Design: Sheau Ling Soo/ Nancy C.H. Wei
Special Thanks t: Alan Thompson/ All NY and NJ Tzu Chi volunteers
Featuring: Stephan Amenta/ Yun Jeong/ Bart Shatto/ Hadley Boyd/ Arnold Kim/ Nikole Marone/ Cindy Chu/ San- San Chiang
Background acting: Raffaello Perfett/ Dominiqué Williams-Blair/ Chengusoyane Kargbo/ Sami Liu/ NJ Chapter Tzu Chi volunteers
Casting Director: Abba Carmichael


Tzu Chi , Volunteers , LOVE SAVES , Inspiration

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