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Mindful Eye: Film at Tzu Chi Center | 46:23

Mindful Eye: “Honeyland” and “Stung by Climate”

February 28, 2021


Short Films

For our first screening of Mindful Eye. we will kick off our film series with an exploration of the themes in the films Honeyland (2019) and the Tzu Chi USA film, Stung by Climate (2015). To walk us through the issues modern beekeepers face today – and our society, too – we will be joined by the directors of each film, Tamara Kotevksa and Nils Aucante (respectively), for a reflection on the films, how beekeeping is changing, and where we are headed next.

About the Speakers:

Tamara Kotevska is a filmmaker from North Macedonia. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the Saints Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. Honeyland is Tamara’s first feature documentary, co-directed by Ljubomir Stefanov.

Tamara Kotevska on Social Media-

Nils Aucante is a filmmaker and journalist from France. He has produced numerous documentaries with Tzu Chi USA and is a former host of US Tzu Chi 360. Nils is now a beekeeper himself in Sologne, France.

Nils Aucante on Social Media –


About the Films:

Honeyland follows the story of Hatidze Muratova, the last in a long line of beekeepers in rural North Macedonia. In a mountainous village with no roads, electricity, or running water, we see the harmonious existence she has created with her surroundings. Until – new neighbors move in next door and threaten to disrupt this delicate and fragile balance.

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In Stung by Climate, beekeepers from France, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and across the US are deeply concerned about the survival of their colonies. As climate change escalates, the concern for these insects is not honey production alone: bees are responsible for the pollination of one third of all food. This leads us to the question: are we heading towards a global “pollination disaster?”

Watch the full documentary here:


About “Mindful Eye”

Screening bi-monthly, the Tzu Chi Center presents films and conversations on global issues connected to core concepts in Buddhism, including compassion and mindful living. We have pointed our lens at documentary and fiction films that teach, challenge, and inspire us to act. We’re also inviting special guests to discuss the films, the issues they explore, and so much more.

All proceeds from Mindful Eye ticket sales are donated to Tzu Chi USA’s humanitarian efforts.

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Director: Jonathan Van Lamsweerde
Director of Photography: Garson Ormiston
Producer: Ting Fan
Camera Operator: Hannah Whisenant
Host: Bart Shatto
Speaker: Tamara Kotevska; Nils Aucante
Music: “Blues And Booze - De Wolfe Music” by De Wolfe Music Library, “Early Morning” by Phury - Artlist, “Summer’s Over” by Dwnld - Artlist, “Window” by Phury - Artlist, “Dreaming” by Stanley Gurvich -Artlist
Script Writer: Ida Eva Zielinska

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