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Mindful Eye: Film at Tzu Chi Center | 1:39

Tea Mountain: A Life Steeped in Gratitude Coming to Mindful Eye in April 2021

April 16, 2021


Short Films

This spring, we’re screening Tea Mountain: A Life Steeped in Gratitude in honor of Earth Day 2021. It’s about a hard-working farmer with a heart condition whose harmony with nature is a way of life. Join us as we broadcast it all from Hepworth Farms with special guests Amy and Gail Hepworth. Learn more and get your tickets at

Thursday, April 29, 2021 @ 8pm EDT | 7pm CDT | 4pm PDT

Every two months, join the Tzu Chi Center for Compassionate Relief for virtual screenings via “Mindful Eye,” a series of internationally acclaimed films that touch on global issues and invite deeper conversations with special guests. To learn more about “Mindful Eye,” please visit


Director: Editor: Jonathan Van Lamsweerde
DP: Jeff Mertz
Camera operator: Hannah Whisenant
Production coordinator: Daphne Yeh
Producer: Ting Fan

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