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Sharing and Joining Forces at the 2023 National VOAD Conference

May 17, 2023


Global Efforts

At the 2023 National VOAD Conference this May in St. Louis, MO, we had many visitors come by the Tzu Chi USA exhibition booth and discover our innovative disaster relief materials made with DA.AI Technology.

Jessica Foutch of Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma said, “I think what got me was this blanket. You said it was made out of 67 plastic water bottles. I’m feeling it, it’s soft, it’s heavy duty, I think that it’s comforting; like people that lose everything… blankets are just a great way to comfort people. And the innovation–how you guys are making these–blows my mind.”

At the same time, Virginia Camberos of Unite Oregon says that when she learned more about Tzu Chi’s philosophy, “it warmed my heart because I’m thinking, ‘these are the folks that are also doing great work and we need to be connected… we can learn from each other.’”

Learn more about our disaster innovations in our latest video.


Director: Ting Fan
DP: Jaime Puerta
Editor: Ting Fan, Jaime Puerta
Music: The World is Mine by Francesco D’Andrea


NGOs , Team rubicon , Unite oregon , Da ai technology , Green technology , Innovation , Pet bottles , recycling , Tzu Chi , Disaster Relief , Non-governmental organizations

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