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Very Veggie Movement | 2:06

VVM Recipes: Spanish Omelette with Pan Tumaca

May 22, 2020


Modern Eats

For its popularity in Spain, this omelette may be considered a national dish. This Spanish Omelette is perfect for picnics, summer barbecues, and parties – hot or cold! Combined with “Pan Tumaca”, a Catalan specialty of tomato-flavored bread, it’s the perfect marriage of flavors and textures for any breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It features crispy fried potatoes, caramelized onions, and eggs. It looks simple, but there is an art to making it. Follow our steps for a delicious success! Follow our video for the step by step guide and take the Very Veggie Movement pledge, where you commit to transform your diet into a vegetarian one, at


Director: Héctor Muniente
Director of Photography: Borja Campillo
Editor: Héctor Muniente & Borja Campillo
Re-Recording Mixer: Michael LaFerla
Graphic Designer: Sheauling Soo
Motion Graphic Designer: Chuan Ching Ho
Music: “La Alegria del Valle - Tino Van Der Sman

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