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“Off Grid, On Fire” Wins Best Doc at the 2023 Oregon Documentary Film Festival

October 5, 2023


Short Films

In early 2023, the Tzu Chi USA original documentary film, “Off Grid, On Fire,” won the award for Best Documentary at the Spring 2023 Oregon Documentary Film Festival. The win came after being named an official selection at the 2023 Phoenix Film Festival.

The film documented the story of an off-the-grid community in the mountains of rural Oregon. In it, survivors of the Bootleg Fire, which burned through the area in 2021, detailed their experience through it and the hardships they faced both personally and as a remote community.

It also showcased their meetings with volunteers from the Tzu Chi Oregon Service Center, located near Portland, OR, who helped provide them with necessary goods (like heavy-duty water tanks to store water for the season) and other forms of support to move forward in their disaster recovery journey.

For the film’s director, Daniel Ferrara, spreading the message of the film to new places is of high importance: “it’s always good to try to share our stories with a wider audience… hopefully we get to teach people about Tzu Chi, and encourage people to get involved.”

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